MicroFracture Process 2

MicroFracture™ Particle Reduction

MicroFracture™ Particle Reduction is a specialized seed selection and cleaning process found exclusively at Nutripharms. First, we work with seeds that are superior in color, uniformity and flavor. The seeds are then processed using proprietary technology that protects the integrity of the seeds during all stages of production. The result is a superior micronized high oil content flour that remains stable under a wide variety of food processing, distribution and handling conditions for up to two years. The full nutritional value of the seed is delivered where it's intended—in the food products that reach consumers.

Our exclusive products, use MicroFracture™ Particle Reduction under pre-selected milling conditions, to naturally extract plant constituents for utilization and incorporation into a range of products, delivering incredible stability and fortification without compromising the taste or aroma of your finished products.

MicroFracture™ Particle Reduction supports improvements in the health and nutritional characteristics of seeds through enhancements in both seed composition and mode of delivery of seed based foods. This enables to address multiple health concerns including weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, muscular function, age related diseases as well as improved nutrition. In addition, MicroFracture™ Particle Reduction supports improvements in seed processing quality and yield through technologies that influenced the biochemical and structural properties of seeds.

To provide maximum versatility and performance, we offer a range of MicroFracture™  Particle Reduction ingredients in the Nutripharms formulations. Each is an amazingly cost- effective Omega-3 source that is free of any "fishy" taste and odor. And each offers the easy handling of a dry ingredient or oil ingredient. 

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Clean Seed Particle Science consists of the following seed cleaning modalities:
Microtherm Reduction™
Metal Removal
Particle Classification
Air Hatchet 940 Trajectory Classification
Air Knife Fines Removal
UVC Lens Reduction
Metal Detection.
To address the various contaminant and microbiological idiosyncrasies of seeds, Clean Seed™ Particle Science was developed to thoroughly clean seed stock and achieve levels of purity and quality that food and beverage manufacturers demand.  Clean Seed™ was created by utilizing the knowledge capital and experience of our uniquely talented team to problem solve and create a cleaning system that can help to standardize the quality and purity of our line of nutritionally dense seed ingredients.
MicroTherm Reduction

The proprietary MicroTherm™ Reduction process is a natural dry thermal pasteurization treatment. MicroTherm™ Reduction is a system that uses closely monitored heat to act as a thermal treatment in reducing or eliminating the level of bacteria in dry food ingredients.  Micro-Therm™ Reduction treatment reduces bacteria counts so that nutritious raw seeds like chia are made safe for consumption without using any chemicals or fumigants.


Cold Pressed Oils. Cold pressed oils are produced at lower temperatures.  Cold pressed oils retain all of their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value.  Oil is removed from seeds using a novel Cold Press  method in which NO heat or excessive pressure is used on the seeds.


Nutripharms offers custom blending and private label packaging specializing in baking and dry ingredient mixes. Dedicated Gluten-Free manufacturing space and specialty mix formulations are available. Our staff at Nutripharms has worked with multi National brands to create private brands and takes great pride in its relationships, helping other small businesses develop niche market products.