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It's an exciting time for the Gluten Free market as seed flours are answering the call for low glycemic, non-allergenic ingredients that add function and loads of nutritional content.  Microfractured Seed Flours are an  ideal alternative to the starchy ingredients found in today's Gluten Free products.  Paleo Seed Flours are replacing ingredients like almond flour that is getting more and more expensive.  The drought in California this year is expected to significantly increase the cost of almond flour and will continue to be an expensive allergen ingredient. Sunkernel Flour is an ideal cup for cup substitute for almond flour and creates better texture, moistness  and it's nearly half the cost of Almond Flour.  Product developers call Nutripharms for a sample and quote today.

If you follow the all-natural, grain-free, low-glycemic diet that our ancestors enjoyed, then you might have decided that most cookies, cakes and breads just aren’t on the menu. But thanks to a new line of Paleo flour alternatives, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Unfortunately, the term “gluten-free” does not always equate to “healthy.” That’s because most gluten-free flours use a combination of high glycemic ingredients, including rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour and sorghum flour.  So while the gluten is missing, all the blood sugar-spiking effects are still there.  Chia, Flax, Sunflower, Pumpkin and Hemp seed are being discovered as incredible Paleo and Gluten Free Flour ingredients to give you the body, moisture, structure and some binding effects needed to make delicious baked goods that taste great.


MicroFracture Process 2         Micro-Fractured™ Chia Flour (REF: MCF-14M) Salvia Hispanica L., provides “A” totally unique “Free Flowing Four/meal” produced by a proprietary particle reduction method called the “Micro-Fracture Process™”. . Nutripharm’s Micro-Fractured™ Chia retains and delivers to consumers ALL of the natural goodness and pristine benefits that nature intended.

MicroTherm Reduction        The proprietary MicroTherm™ Reduction process is a natural dry thermal treatment. MicroTherm™ Reduction is a system that uses closely monitored heat to act as a thermal treatment in reducing or eliminating the level of bacteria in dry food ingredients.  Micro-Therm™ Reduction treatment reduces bacteria counts so that nutritious raw seeds like chia are made safe for consumption without using any chemicals or fumigants.





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Nutripharms Cold Fracture Oil Process creates natural oils with powerful nutrition.  The process creates minimal pressure and heat to help avoid damaging fragile Omega-3's and keeping the constituents in their most natural state.  Our various seed oils are loaded with  powerful constituents like Omega-3's, Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, Antioxidants, Lignans and Vitamin E just to name a few.

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